My luggage came home

Vacationing in Guadalajara. That is where the luggage was hiding out. I did not ask it to see if it went to check out the folkloric dancing or to see the cathedral. Guadalajara toysWherever it went, and why I will probably never know, but it decided to come join me in Tampico today. And, best of all, it was sober. That is always a plus when you are trying to keep your clothes on. You don’t want them to be drunk.

I am having some good meetings and accomplishing a lot here in Tampico. The majority of the group will leave Thursday morning, but my plane does not go back to Merida until Friday. I actually get a long layover in Mexico City. I know that is not what most people would want, but I am looking forward to going out and looking for shoes. I am hoping to find a shoe store near the airport. I should have about 3 hours to run around looking for shoes.

2 thoughts on “My luggage came home”

  1. After being out on vacation alone in Mexico, I’m glad your luggage came back home sober and intact. You never know what might have happened while your running shoes were left alone in public.

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