Running report

I have not been able to get on line enough to update my running log. I think I ended up taking about a 12 day break with no running. However, I was able to run once in Tampico when I got to where we were getting ready for camp. I have run in Tampico before. I was able to find a nice route and ran about 3 miles. When I came home from my run my wife met me at the door and laughed at all the bugs that were stuck to my face.

I also ran at camp on Tuesday. I had two other fellows run with me. One used to be a runner, but has not run in a few years. The other was a soccer player, but was not used to endurance running. We ran about 4 miles. The former runner stayed with me and pushed the pace a bit. But his lack of fitness caught up to him in the end and he requested walk breaks. It was an out and back course, so we picked up the soccer player on our way back. I won the sprint at the end of the run.

What was fun about that run is that we were on a dirt road the whole time. But when we left the dorm room it was dark. Dark. There were street lights about 2 kilometers from where we started running. I knew the road was straight and the lights were on the right side of the road. We just ran straight towards the lights and tried to keep them a bit to our right. As far as I know, none of us stepped off the road. When we got to the section with the lights we were thankful for them. There were many potholes and mud puddles around the lights. I am sure they were all over the road, but we never fell in one.
It rained the rest of the week and therefore did not run since the only option was the muddy road.

Our first morning in Texas, I was able to go out for a run. I ran about 3 miles again. I got to run through an orange grove. That was fun. A bit of trail running. When I got to the back of the grove I turned the corner and was staring at the farmers house. I did not know there was a house back there. I ducked back down a row and made my way out of there. I am not sure what he would have thought if he saw me running through his yard at 7:00 on a Sunday morning.

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