EMI to offer DRM-free music!

This is great news. I checked the dates of all the announcements I could find. They are all dated today, not April First like Google’s big announcement.

The deal with EMI is that they have offered to sell their entire catalog of digital music without DRM for 30 cents more than the normal price of $0.99. Besides losing the DRM (which keeps you from using your music on all of your digital music devices) you gain a higher quality song. They are doubling the bit rate of the song to 256 instead of 128.

Anyone who has purchased EMI music through the iTunes music store will be able to upgrade their music to this unbroken format for the $0.30 price difference. I realize that this is a 30% price increase and that I would never be excited about anything jumping in price that much, but this is a great step in the right direction.

I have previously posted about DRM and EMI’s talk of dropping it.

This is supposed to be available in May. I may start doing some purchasing then.

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