Vacationing in Mexico City

No, I am not vacationing there, but apparently my luggage is. I flew AeroCalifornia from Merida to Mexico last night. Then from Mexico to Tampico. I did not buy one ticket to get me from there to here. It was a couple hundred dollars cheaper to buy a round trip from Merida to Mexico and back. Then another round trip from Mexico to Tampico.

I was assured at the check in counter that my luggage would be transfered and that I would not need to claim it in Mexico. I had a feeling that it would not go well, but did not follow that up by checking in the baggage claim area in Mexico since that would have meant that I needed to leave the secure area and have to re-enter. I should have taken the time to do it though.

Fortunately I have arrived for the meeting a day early. There is nothing I have to be presentable for today. But it was also a great running day–cool and no responsibilities. But my shoes are in my suitcase.

The neat thing is that I am borrowing clothes from the missionary’s skinny teenage son and they fit. It is just that the look that fits a 17 year old kid does not look quite right on an almost 40 year old.

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