Did well at chess tournament

My son did a great job at a chess tournament this week that ended tonight. There were 5 rounds. His opponent did not show up for the first round. So he won a point. He was a little bummed that “it was not a real point” since he did not actually play. But, when you consider he outsmarted his opponent just by showing up, I would say he was the better player. [1 point]

Second round ended oddly. The round started 25 minutes late. How strange! Because he knew when the third round was supposed to start, he did not feel they had enough time to play out the whole game. When it got close to time that the third round would be underway, he offered a draw and his opponent accepted. My son did not realize that because round 2 started late that round 3 would start late as well. That is just the way a 9 year old mind works. I have beat into him that when someone says they will be there or start at a certain time and then don’t, that is being disrespectful and lying to the other person. So he expects others to start when they say they will. [1/2 point]

Round 3 he won. Not handily. It took some work, but he did it. [1 point]

Round 4 was a handy win. Quick and to the point. [1 point]

Round 5 did not go so well. He got off to a poor start and had trouble recovering. [0 point]

Total of 3 1/2 points out of a possible 5. I think he ended up in the top 5 players. There were 50 something contestants in his category. He played against kids in 4th through 6th grades. He is in 4th. We should get the final standings tomorrow.

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