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I was reading a thread over at the Fitness Rocks forum where they are discussing making your own bread. One of the participants said that the thread prompted them to go out and buy a bread maker. That caused me to remember our first bread maker we bought.

In the fall of 1998 we were working in a church in Nashua New Hampshire. One day we were out and saw an odd store called Building #19 in one of the nearby towns. Being the consummate bargain hunters that we are, when we saw the tag line “Good Stuff Cheap!” we had to check it out. Browsing the store (I think it was the old location in Manchester) we came across a bread maker for $5. We did not have much money in those days, but $5 was worth taking a risk on. Bread makers were selling at the time for well over $100. I forget which brand that one was, but it was a known brand.

I have a bit of skill with electronics and thought that if it was something simple that I could fix, then it would be worth the risk. Even if it cost $25-50 in parts, I could take the chance. So we snatched it up.

We were staying in a lady’s house who was very kind. She allowed us to test our bread maker right then, even knowing that the risk was that it would blow up and burn down the house. It worked perfectly. We used it for 6 years before selling it to move to Mexico. We had to scale back our amount of stuff we could stuff in the Suburban.

We were not without a bread maker long. Another family here had one that they were not using, so they passed it on to us.

We have had 2 bread makers in 10 years at the cost of $5. I wonder how much the Fitness Rocks forum member paid for his?

Now we just have to use it more often.

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  1. I have a breadmaker that I got for Christmas… I still use it from time to time, but warm bread is soooo good that I typically eat half the loaf right there. Great for Carbo-loading, not so great for every other day of the year

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