No podcast this week

Wow, only 3 weeks into the new podcast and I miss a week. Well, as you will find out, this podcast is for fun and not high on the priority list.

I have recorded it twice and both had serious problems. Too serious to overcome. The first was due to my recording location and the second was user error. Brought on by not taking 10 seconds to check some settings.

The first recording was done at a park where I was able to get some great ambient noise to go into the background of the recording. The problem was that there was quite a bit of wind going on that day. I hunkered down in a recessed spot in the park and then hunched over the microphone. There was still a bit of wind noise, but not as bad as it would have been otherwise. But, this body position had the result of me sounding like I was on my deathbed. There was no energy. One of the best positions to be in while recording if you want energy is standing or walking around. The worst? Hunched over the mic while sitting in a hole at the park.

I blew the second recording because I did not listen to the input before committing 20 minutes of microphone time. I had my levels set on my recorder for another project and I ended up overpowering the mic. That means that all the sounds from the car (I was driving at the time) are not just heard well, but so loud that that is about all you can hear. My voice going into the mic caused the recorder to almost completely drop out because I was too loud.


Well, you can at least read about everything I was saying. I will just put off the podcast promo I was going to do until then. I will try to hit it fresh this time. Maybe I can record in the park again without the wind, or I will be here in the studio. I will get something out.

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