Running for entertainment

Yesterday I went out for an 8 mile run. I was plagued a little trying to get out the door. I ended up starting almost 2 hours later than I wanted. That meant the temperature had rised from 75 degrees to 81.

Part of the difficulty was that I have not used my CamelBak in about 3 weeks, so there was stuff growing in the tube. I could not get it washed out before I left. My run was pretty dependent on having the big fanny pack. I ended up with another pack. Of course there was no water with the optional pack. I forgot to grab a gel pack and money for water on the road.

It was supposed to be an 8 mile run that I was hoping to extend if I felt good. But, 7 miles without water did me in.

I recorded a lot of stuff with my new mic. I will feature some of it on the podcast here at My Thought Spot. Some will be sent to 2 other podcasters. I will mention if they get played and where you can hear them if you’d like.

I also listened to several podcasts during the run.

The run was supposed to be an entertainment adventure. I was more interested in having fun listening to podcasts and doing some recording more so than speed or distance.

Did I have fun? You bet! It was a great run for that.

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