Missionary Talks 17: Bob Van Sant

I spoke with an old friend, Bob Van Sant, this morning. Bob is a missionary in Ukraine working with the Deaf. I think I met Bob in 1990 or 1992. I was working at The Bill Rice Ranch when we met. He left for Ukraine a short time later. Since then we have only seen each other a couple of times.

Today I interviewed him for Missionary Talks. The call quality was not that great, but the content survived. It actually took 5 phone calls to get it all recorded. It is stitched together a bit.

He talked about his first trip to Simferopol with our other friend Ronnie Rice. He also told about how the site of the Yalta conference between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin is just a short drive from him.

It was enjoyable talking to Bob. I hope you enjoy the episode.

One thought on “Missionary Talks 17: Bob Van Sant”

  1. The interviews just keep getting better and better. Even though the sound quality is not the best the true spirit of Bob Van Sant comes through loud and clear.

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