My Thought Spot 01: DRM, Cenotes and Road Races

Here is the first episode of the new podcast: My Thought Spot.

I tried hard to make this a non-typical first episode. Normally you would hear the host talk about what he is going to talk about instead of just giving you the podcast. While it seems important to have an introductory episode, in reality most post people who start listening to the podcast will not hear episode 1 as their first show. They will pick you up many months in the future and then possibly go back and listen to episode 1 later on.

So, how did I do?

Show links:

Thanks for giving it a listen. I will work on getting links up to voting sites so that you can shoot this podcast up the charts. 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Thought Spot 01: DRM, Cenotes and Road Races”

  1. okay, so I am a day late… I liked it. It was short and too the point, informative on the DRM stuff. I must have blanked on the cenotes, or at least what the Cenotes are. I thought the music was tasteful and did not detract at all from the audio.

  2. I listened to your podcast on my thought spot yesterday and enjoyed it. I thought the music sounded Mexican even though it said polka. The music was background enough to not detract from the subject of the talk.

  3. Thanks for the listen and the comments. I am planning to do just a variety of stuff on the podcast. It will be like the blog. Some weeks it may be heavy on the running stuff and some weeks just geeky stuff.

    I would like to do some sound seeing clips too. I should be getting my new mics very soon.

    Cenotes are basically just big sink holes that go down into an underground river system. Very clear water. Fun to swim in. We have no above ground rivers or lakes here in the peninsula.

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