Great photos!

Leesa’s woodpeckerI had dreams as a teen of being a great photographer. I ended up going into the darkroom instead of behind the lens. I worked my way through high school and college in a photo lab. I still enjoy it as a hobby today.

Anyway, back to the point.

I saw some tremendous photos today. I was reading one of my regular blog stops of the day when Terry linked over to Leesa’s flickr page and her photoblog site. I was stunned by the incredible work she has done with a camera. She has a blog and store where you can buy some of her work.

Just some great work by a true artist. I only dreamed of shots like these. I have taken some truely amazing pictures in my day. But fewer than the number of fingers I have on my hands. Leesa probably gets more than 10 wonderful shots each time she turns on her camera.

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