Missionary Talks 16: Marco Castro

Missionary Talks number 16 is up. I took a week off last week, not because I needed the time off, but because I did not have anyone to interview. Things are going in my favor at the moment though. Yesterday I went to a church service where I knew they were starting a missions conference and I knew they had a special speaker. I was thrilled to find out that he spoke English. It was all arranged for me to interview him this morning. I had posted on the Missionary Talks website that I was wanting to have a new show on Monday, but that was without having any idea who I was going to get.

Right now I am in contact with a missionary in Ukraine. I may be interviewing him in the morning. I think I have a good chance of getting a friend in Brazil on the line with me. France and Argentina are in my sites too. I could be coming out of my famine for the moment. I started with several interviews piled up and quickly ran out of those and was working from week to week. That caught up to haunt me. But, if things go well, I will have a week or two buffer to work with. I will feel much better about that.

This interview is with Marco Castro. No relation. He is a native of Costa Rica who is pastoring Hispanics in Kansas City. He has been there as pastor almost 20 years. He really shows a Pastor’s heart in his interview. Bro. Castro has traveled to many countries teaching other men and women how to disciple and build up the next generation of church leaders.

I guess I am getting better at asking questions. I am having to edit much less than I used to, but feel like the shows are getting tighter and more succinct.

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