Just 4 votes away

I just need 4 votes to put Missionary Talks in the top 25 podcasts in the Religion and Spirituality category at Podcast Alley for the month of January. You don’t have to register with them to vote, but you do need to give them your email address. They will send you a confirmation email which has a link inside that you must click to confirm your vote. I have never yet received spam as a result. So I think it is safe.

When voting there you are given the option to leave a comment. Comments are not required, but appreciated.

Also, if you have nice things to say and you have an iTunes account, go over to my show and place a comment.

Finally, the new podcast directory at digg.com has generated quite a bit of traffic to my podcast. If you are a digg member you can digg the show and push me back onto page 2 of the religion category.

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