Running again

Whew! I have not run in about 10 days. This is not a good pattern to keep my mileage up. Last month I had to take several days off too. Fortunately none of this was caused by injury. I should be back into the grind for a while now.

I ran a 5K in over 31 minutes today. It ended up being a 10+ minute per mile pace which is actually good for me right now. I did not want to push it too fast today, so I just enjoyed the run. I will work on speeding up over the next couple of weeks.

I plan 3 more miles tomorrow and then a 6 mile run on Saturday. That will get my miles up to 25 (or so) for the year. This should have been closer to 50 or 60 miles, but at least I am going forward.

My brother recently commented to my mom that he thought I had joined a running cult. Well, to put his mind at rest, the cult leaders around here won’t let me in until I start logging 80 to 100 miles a month. So I still have a ways to go to get through the initiation process.

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