5K Training

Today marked the first day of my son’s 5K training. He mentioned several weeks ago that he would like to run a 5K race. This was mentioned as he was getting ready for a 2 week trip. So, I decided to wait until he got back before starting on this.

Yesterday I mentioned to him that we were going to start today because he had said he wanted to do a 5K race.

He said, “I said that I wanted to do a 5K race?”

“Yes, son, you said that”

He replied very dryly, “I need to think a little harder about what I say.”

I held him to it. Today he ran 1.25 miles. Not bad for not having run in a few months. He was tired at the end, but our pace was so slow, he certainly was not winded. His time was just over a 12 min/mile average. We can get that down a little. We could be looking at a 35-38 minute 5K. I think that would be a very good goal. He just turned 9 years old.

I am not sure when his debut will be. It will be several weeks from now. Probably towards the end of March.

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