Day trip to Cancun

Don’t you wish you could drive to Cancun for the day? Just a short 4 hour drive will put you on the beach in Cancun. Spend the day and drive home. What a trip.

Our day was not quite like that, but we do live that close.

We were taking our son to the airport so that he could fly to my brother’s house and spend a couple of weeks with the cousins. On the way to the airport we blew out a tire. Fortunately we had a spare and were able to change it fairly quickly. But, it put us in the airport late. Thankfully not too late to get on the plane though.

After the flat, we called some friends and had them look up a Costco in Cancun. (If you ever need directions to it, just post a comment here and I will get to it eventually.) We left the airport and found a McDonalds to eat at before heading to the Costco. We replaced the two front tires on our car, said goodbye to $130 and hit the road.

The trip back was almost all night driving. Something we never do if we can avoid it. You never know when a hole the size of Lake Okeechobee will be in the middle of a road. And it most certainly will not be marked in any way. You just disappear to never be heard from again. So if I ever just stop posting here, you will know what happened.

We got home tonight and had a voice mail from my brother telling us that our son arrived safely.

BTW, we did not go to the beach. It was freezing there today, especially with the rain pouring down. It only got up to 75 degrees today. I felt a little bad for the vacationers, but that is life sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Day trip to Cancun”

  1. And you sent your son to a place where the temp is more like 35. I bet he is freezing to death, but would never admit it.

  2. The temp is middle 40s with no hint of any snow anytime soon; however when he got off the plane with his flimsy little windbreaker he told me he should have gotten onto a plane to Brazil. đŸ™‚

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