Can you make change?

We stopped in a McDonalds today for lunch. The bill came out to be $124. Before you have a heart attack, that is Mexican Pesos, not US Dollars. That comes out to be about $10.15 (USD).

All I had was a $500 bill and some small change. But not enough to pay the $124. I gave the girl behind the counter $524. She slid the $24 back to me and said the $500 was enough. I said “I know it is enough, but I don’t want a bunch of change back.” She replied, with a look of confusion, “But if you give me more money then you will get more change back.”

And they let this girl work with money?

I tried explaining to her that by giving her the $524 then she would just give me $400 back. “Yes sir, but that would mean that you get more change back. By just giving me $500 I give you less change.”

Fortunately a manager came up about that time. The manager told her to take the $524, punch the buttons to say how much money she got and give me the change that the machine said. The poor girl never understood how that worked, but she gave me $400 in the end. And, she probably never will understand it.

I am so glad that kids today are learning math so they can work these high value jobs.

2 thoughts on “Can you make change?”

  1. IF the $124 didn’t give me a heart attack, the food sure will…

    Fortunately this is only my 3rd trip to McD’s in the last 12 months. And that is more often than normal. I have gone years between visits. But, I have to say that chicken sandwich I had yesterday was pretty good…with the exception of being over priced.

    Burger King, on the other hand, usually gets money out of me 3 or 4 times a month.

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