Florida v Ohio

I am not a college football fan. Therefore I won’t talk much about the game. Florida won if you did not know.

What I wanted to write about is the fact that I went and saw the game tonight. I had a friend call this morning who told me that he and his dad (both missionaries) were going to one of the local pizza joints to have a pizza and watch the game this evening. I was invited along. I had no interest in the game, but I did have interest in chatting for 3 hours. So I joined in.

I got to Boston’s a little before we were supposed to meet there. I was the first one there. They were closed. When the next missionary arrived, he said that it was probably closed because it was a Canadian holiday. From what we understand, Boston’s is a Canadian restaurant. I did not think they would close for a Canadian holiday. But we went to the front door to see if there was any info posted.

To my surprise, there was. What was the great reason they were closed? Christmas. Today is January 8 and they were closed for Christmas. The reason was that their staff had to work Christmas Eve and did not have the chance to be with family. Here in Mexico, Christmas Eve is when they have the big family meal. So, today they celebrated Christmas and we did not have pizza.

We went to TGI Fridays instead. I have never liked the atmosphere at Fridays. I prefer to not go there at all. But we went. And, it was noisy. We did, however, get a table for 10 people (we invited a few more to come along) that was right in a corner with a TV. We were able to see the whole game without being bothered by others. We could not hear a thing about the game and had to yell at each other for 3 hours just to talk, but it was fun.

2 thoughts on “Florida v Ohio”

  1. When you say that Florida won, you really meant that Florida beat the pigskin out of Ohio State. It was rather exciting before Florida ran away with it but it did not have the excitement level of the Oklahoma/Boise State game.

    You got have some fellowship with some of the other missionaries and that is what’s important!

  2. The opening kickoff and drive by Florida was exciting. The game quickly became a run away.

    We were out till 11:30. I normally am up much past that each night, but I like to be home by 9:00. But it was fun to get out of the norm and be out with friends goofing around.

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