Endurance Planet For Sale

Endurance Planet is a podcast that I have listened to for about 6 months. I just listened to another podcast done by the same host where he said he is looking for a buyer for Endurance Planet.

Endurance planet is a podcast for endurance athletes. Particularly Tim interviews tri-athletes for his show. These interviews last about 15 minutes.

I am excited on one hand to see that this podcast could get a fresh burst of energy. Frankly, it has been obvious that Tim has lost some drive on this show. On the other hand, this show has been pretty much the show that I have copied for my podcast. Tim has also personally given me some tips and pointers for my show, so I hate to see him go.

But, Tim is not leaving podcasting by no means. He has a few other shows that he does. Also, other podcasters will know Tim’s organization if they don’t know Tim by name. He and his brother are the ones behind the Podcast Expo, or, as it is now called, The Podcast and New Media Expo. Quite the event in the podcasting community. So Tim will be around, he is just looking for a buyer for the Endurance Planet show.

This is the first I have heard of a show being sold. I am sure advertisers could make this a profitable show. I don’t know what the listernship is, but the show has been around a while (I think he said over 3 years). Before it was a podcast it was streamed audio. Because of it’s endurance athlete focus, there is great potential for targeted marketing by advertisers.

I am curious as to how this will turn out.

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