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At the request of the president of the Pensacola Linux Users Group (P’cola LUG) I wrote an article yesterday on the basics of podcasting. It is nothing too deep or complicated, but since I put the work into it, I wanted to get more mileage out of it. Therefore I am linking to it from here.

It is kinda long, so you might want to bring a cup of coffee along for the ride.

I used to write a lot of longer articles for the group. We are finishing up our 6th year as a LUG. When we first started there were so few with any Linux knowledge that I would do a writeup on every new thing I learned. Now the group has quite a large number of intelligent members that I feel like the newbie in the room. So I have not been writing as many articles for the group like I used to.

Here is an excerpt:

While I titled this How to Podcast from Linux, it really is not Linux specific. The only real software that you need that will be running on your local system is Audacity which is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Everything else can be done through the web browser.

What makes a Podcast?
File types
The files can be just about any file type/format you want. For audio podcasts these are usually .mp3 or .ogg. For video podcasting there are several formats to chose from. I am not sure which is the most common since I don’t do a video podcast.

You can read the rest at the P’cola LUG forum.

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