Endurance Planet. SOLD!

I mentioned before that Tim at Endurance Planet wanted to sell his show. I heard last week that he did so. The details of the sale have not been released, but he said it was (paraphrase) “for no small amount.”

Jason mentions today some interesting thoughts about the sale of a podcast. Here is an excerpt. Be sure to check out his site to get the full details.

There are several things that give an established podcast worth. Here are the assets that you might have that have interest to a prospective buyer.

1. An audience that have expressed interest in a niche topic
2. A relationship with that audience (some of which can be transferred to the new host/owner if you play things right)
3. A community (the relationships that exist amongst your audience/users)
4. A back catalog of content
5. Established traffic sources in the form of search engine ranking, inbound links, etc.
6. A recognized brand name (a known source of quality information/entertainment)

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