Lazy runner

I have determined that I am a lazy runner. I hardly ever arrive home from a run feeling like I gave it my all. And, although I realize that not every run is a race, I should at least feel like I am working.

Therefore, I have my goal. I am going to focus on getting my 5 Km. time down. I currently run a 28 min. 5 Km. I would like to get that down to under 25 and would love to flirt with 20 minutes. Since I have finished my training for the half marathon, I need a focus. I will work on the shorter race.

I will still run longer runs each week. I think 8 miles is a good long run for me. 6 almost seems too short to call a long run and 10 is too long to do every week. So, 8 will be the long ones.

I will have to do some research to see how I am going to tackle this plan of mine, but I will get my times down. This feeling of being a lazy runner has been bothering me since before my half marathon in early October, but I did nothing to change it back then. Now that I need some motivation, this is the thing to work towards.

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