October Running Summary

No record month here. But I am not disappointed. This was planned. I wanted an easier month after the half marathon and definitely after the record month of September.

I ran 42 miles this last month (40 miles fewer than in September). That included the 13.1 Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon in which I placed 269 out of 298. So, I was not one of the faster runners. But that race was not about winning, it was about running the distance.

Total mileage for the year is 494 miles. Since this is my first year running, this is a record. 200 of those miles are on my new shoes, which I guess are not so new any more.

As I am working out a new plan for my training, I don’t have a projected mileage for the month of November, but it will probably end up being around 60 miles.

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