Warm fuzzies

I have to tell about some warm fuzzy feelings I have gotten from the podcast community about starting my podcast. I have received good support from several people.

Let me start with Tim Bourquin from Endurance Planet. I was out on a run one day listening to Endurance Planet when I got the idea for my show. I have been wanting to start a podcast since September of 2005, but was having trouble deciding on a format and a topic. Endurance Planet provided my format. That podcast is made up of 15 minute interviews with endurance athletes (mostly triathletes). It was the perfect format for me. The subject matter came to me just after I decided on the format. I would talk with Missionaries and share about their ministries.

I wrote Tim. While looking for his contact information I found out that he is the owner of the company that does the “Podcast Expo” more properly known as the Portable Media Expo (now changed to Podcast & New Media Expo). He was doing the Podcast Expo at the end of September when I first wrote him. He graciously answered my questions and helped me define my goals.

Then I started writing to Steve Runner at Phedippidations for some audio tips as I actually started making some recordings. He also helped me with a name for my show. How did he help? With a name like Phedippidations, I just decided that he had the worst knack for picking names. So I gave him a list of names and figured the one he hated the most was probably the best one to pick. He ranked a few and the one lowest on his list was the one I chose.

Steve also agreed to play a promo for my show. As soon as he knew I was working on a show he started saying he would make the announcement for me and let the world know. I had to hold him back a couple of weeks, but he should be giving me some air time during his next show if he has a chance.

I wrote Tim back and told him my show was up. He went and listened to the first episode and wrote me back with some encouraging words. He then offered to let me introduce his show “The Podcast Brothers” with a short commercial for my own. I sent that recording to him today. Maybe it will be out in the next few weeks.

Then there is Terry at Planet3rry. He has his own podcast called Gravity @ 1053 (linked from the blog site). He had no direct link to me getting started with the podcast, but being able to hear him go through his beginning episodes and reading his blog encouraged me to make the step. Terry and I have also shared some WordPress tips to make our blogs a bit better.

Of course, the vast number of podcasts I am currently subscribed to and the ones that have come and gone since I have started listening to podcasts, are also to be thanked. From some, I have learned what not to do. From others, I can only be envious of their studio setups and cleverness with words.

Thank you all.

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  1. Back in October of 2005, I was resisting podcast, because I knew I would be addicted to them… then I found out that Runner’s World had put out 4 podcasts for the upcoming NYC marathon and I was hooked.

    I found it very fun and exciting to contribute all that I did for Phedippidations. I sent in a number of show ideas that Steve used and of course some material and/or ancidotes for actually shows.

    It took me a while to get the nerve to get Gravity@1053 up and running. But I have a 2 week release time and I already have show ideas for the next 6 episodes. I just need to work on my scripts (I work better with them) and all the neat little stuff will come together. I have thought that I might make it weekly during marathon training… sorta like Running From The Reaper… but a little more focused.

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