Time change

(I wonder how many blog posts will have that as their title today? Quite original.)

People go on and on about how much they hate the time change business and how that their hour gets stolen from them. Of course this is the time of year it gets given back to them.

I have no strong opinions about whether we should or should not change the clocks. I guess it helps one way or another. But what I do have strong opinions on is the incessant complaining by people about how they are robbed that hour. Get over it! No one took an hour from you. And you do not have it given back in the Fall.

I guess it affects me less than it does most people because I do not live by an alarm clock. If I had to be up at a certain time every day that might make a difference. But you get used to it in less than a week. Why all the complaining? For me, I get up between 6:30 and 7:00 every day. With the time change that will be move around a bit, but I will settle back into my getting up time in a few days.

Some people just need to learn to take naps.

2 thoughts on “Time change”

  1. Up here, everyone has a comment one way or the other about the time change seeing as how this is the first year people have had to observe DST in recent memory (30 yrs +/- a few years). I have had to deal with it everywhere I have lived so it has not affected me all that much.

    (Happy birthday to me.)

  2. If I lived in an area that did not observe it and the just changed it (your case) I could expect to hear complaints. I have always lived where they observe DST and I still hear complaints.

    Happy Birthday!

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