Episode 1 is up!

I got the first episode of the podcast done and on the server. Surf on over to www.missionarytalks.com to grab a fresh copy.

I would really appreciate any input. I have listened to it a million times trying to get it going. I am concerned that there might be words missing that I edited out. Or that I put in a phrase twice. I stayed near my goal of 15 minutes. I think even I can forgive 2 seconds over.

I am pleased with it. Hopefully others will be as well. Now I really need to get the website fixed so that all the links actually point to something.

2 thoughts on “Episode 1 is up!”

  1. I got a chance to listen to the episode today. I did not hear any horrible editing errors. Lots of noise from the mic handling. It is funny that the interview that I got over Skype sounds better than the one with the high dollar mic. You get a chance to hear the Skype interview in 2 weeks.

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