Technology gave my wife the pink slip

With the release of Firefox 2.0 my wife has lost a job. Since I am a horrible speller, she checks over my blog postings to laugh at, and correct my spelling. But, with Firefox 2 and its built in spell checker, I have a running spell check with everything I write on the web. Yes, I know you can get spell checkers for WordPress. I have used one in the past that for some reason just stopped working. The one I currently have works sometimes, but mostly does not. Therefore the spell check in Firefox is perfect for me.

Other features with Firefox 2 include some extra tab browsing features. Also supposed to help against phishing scams. I am not really sure what all the new features are. It does not look a great deal different and I can’t really tell if it is much faster. Though I have “broadband,” it is just barely that. So any speed issues I have, I am sure is a matter of connection, not browser.

Now I am not sure how I am going to get my wife to even read my blog. Of course, this frees me up to say things about her that she probably will never read. Like that time…

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