Missionary Talks

I am proud to introduce my own podcast. Mr. Critical is now opening himself up to the criticism.

Check it out at: www.missionarytalks.com

Right now there is just a promo piece up there. Within then next few days I will have the first episode up and ready to consume. I will be releasing my shows about once a week. So far I have 4 interviews (but not all edited) that should give me enough of a buffer to stay on track for a weekly release for a while. My first 2 shows will have information about the shows purpose and direction. After that, it will just be an interview without much commentary. Show notes will be provided with each show to give more information and how to contact the missionary.

Audio quality will hopefully get better as things progress. If you are interested in interview style podcasts or with missions work, I think you will really enjoy the show.

Now I will put it out here in writing so that when I stray people can beat me back to my roots. I will attempt to stay around 15 minutes for each show. Can you forgive me 1 minute here or there? Thanks. You are such a good friend.

I look forward to seeing how this goes over.

3 thoughts on “Missionary Talks”

  1. If no one else gets the reference, I do, and I think it is pretty funny too. Rest assured, it will be a very long time (if ever) before you hear any music in this podcast. Currently there is no intro nor outro music per se.

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