Can I make it?

With almost 2 weeks lost to scheduling and illness, I might still make my monthly mileage goal. One week was not really lost, I just did not get a chance for a long run that week. That resulted in a need to run more days in a row. Then I got horribly sick two days later when I was getting ready to go for the new week. I was wiped out for 5 days. The illness was due to an infection I got in a benign cyst on my back. That will be coming out as soon as I can schedule it after the Phedippidations World Wide Half.

I have been able to make up some of the mileage with an unexpected 7.5 mile run one Sunday morning and then a 10K race the next Sunday. I lost 2 miles last Saturday in my long run because I ran out of time and had appointments to keep.

According to my training log I am at 70.3 miles so far this month. Tomorrow is a 4 mile run which may be put off till Friday due to just being tired from work. Then an 8 miler on Saturday will put me right at 82 miles. That is where I should have been this month anyway.

Then taper week getting ready for the half marathon.

I am amazed at what I have been able to make up. After the half marathon I am going to take a couple of weeks off of running and get back into my cross training which has been totally neglected for about 2 months. Then I will merge the two back together and get my strength back. I feel like I have really worked my legs well, but I am losing some of my strength in other areas.

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