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Modified Steak 'n Shake logo.One time my wife and I were in Steak ‘n Shake in Orlando, Florida. We were with my younger brother and his wife. Being good brothers, I was not going to pay his bill, nor he mine. We asked the waiter to separate the bills, but he said he could not do that at the table. We had to order together and the cashier would separate the checks.

When we got to the cashier she said that she could not ring up our checks separately into the two couples. She could, however, ring us up as individuals and we could pay that way.

So, my wife told her what she ordered. The girl rang it up and we paid for that. Then I told her what was mine and paid. Then my brother gave his list of food and paid. Finally my sister-in-law did hers. The whole time we were laughing.

So she was able to ring up 4 sets of burger, fries and drink individually, but not in groups of 2 burgers, 2 fries and 2 drinks as a set. And they let her deal with their money?

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