That’s some expensive chocolate!

Monday last was our 13th wedding anniversary. I went to Liverpool to get something for the wife. The $120 shirts got me to thinking that maybe Liverpool was a bit out of my price range.

Then my son and I walked by the chocolate counter. A bit of chocolate can’t cost that much. Right? Hmm, let’s see the price here. $34.80 (Mexican Pesos). The nice lady at the counter told me that was per 100 grams. Cool. I will take 1 kilogram, thank you. 1/3 of a kilo of white chocolate and pecans, 1/3 of dark chocolate and pecans. And, finally, 1/3 milk chocolate with almonds.

She dished up the first 1/3 and my mouth was watering. My son and I would have plenty to snack on before we gave it to my wife and she would never feel cheated. While she worked on the next 2 sets my son and I were starting to drool on the counter. She got it all put together and told me that the final price would be something like $350 pesos. Quick conversion told me that was about $34 USD. What!?

That is when my head started spinning and next thing I knew my son was picking me up off the floor. I realized my mistake was thinking that the price was per kilogram. 100 grams does not equal 1 kilogram. It is 1/10th of a kilo. My great pile of chocolate for $3.50 (USD) turned out to be quite a bit more expensive.

I then told her I just wanted 300 grams. 100 of each kind.

The pile of chocolate turned out to be quite a bit smaller. Only 5 or 6 pieces per flavor. That cut down on our hopes of scoring a piece for ourselves without us looking too cheap.

The lady had pity on us for our saddened, whimpering faces. She gave us an extra piece in the jar. She also threw in a nice glass jar. She and 2 co-workers made up the jar all pretty like and put a bow on it. She also put in a “Rice Krispies Treat” type candy to give it filler. It made the chocolate look more abundant than it really was.

We were happy to get that present home before it melted.

BTW, I just threw in the part about me fainting because it makes a good story. My son at 8 years old can’t quite pick up my 190 lb. body.

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  1. How did your wife enjoy her annivsary present? I bet her children were standing in front of her with their hands outstreatched waiting for a piece of that nice chocolate.

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