Simple Pleasures

Dunkin' Donuts napkin.I have never been a great Dunkin’ Donuts fan. Their coffee is often claimed to be rated highly among normal coffee (not specialty imported coffees). Though I fancy myself a coffee know it all, I would not choose their coffee if given a choice of something else. The one thing they have going for them is that it is possible to make their coffee very strong without it getting bitter. Or, at least, that is what I have found.

Their donuts leave something to be desired in my mind too. But…

A friend of mine landed in the airport last night from Guadalajara. They have Dunkin’ Donuts there. She had a dozen donuts for me to choose from. Mmmmm! I took four for the family.

Eleven seconds in the microwave this morning and we were a happy family. At least until the donuts were gone.

2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures”

  1. Dunkin Donuts was the company that sold more cups of coffee in the world. It was on a History Channel documentary about coffee which was fascinating. I can’t imagine that Starbucks isn’t gaining on them or maybe already passed them.

    Coffee is second only to oil in worldwide traded commodity.

    my fave flavors are Guatemalan and Nicaraguan

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