Running Milestone

Today I ran a 5 miler. It was a tough run. Not too fun. Felt like I was fighting the whole way. Nothing hurt, just did not feel into it. I have come off of 2 weeks of great feeling runs. This week, every run has been a struggle. I ended up running at a 10:42 min/mile pace, which is not at all bad for me.

But, I pushed on. Why? Because I knew that if I ran just .3 miles today I would break my previous number of miles run in a calendar month record. In March I ran 72.2 miles. Today marked 77 miles run in the month of August. This record will only stand for a month as I already have about 85 miles scheduled to run in the month of September. But, for me, it is a record that made me push on through the tough run this morning.

Congratulations to me!

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