Leones de Yucatán: National Champs!

Leones HatOur local baseball team won the national championship just now (well, actually about 15 minutes ago). This is the Liga Mexicana de Béisbol (Mexican Baseball League). The Lions have not won the championship since 1984 and previous to that, it was 1957. This is only their third time in franchise history to take the championship. Though, from what I understand, they have been second on several occasions.
I am not a baseball fan, so don’t have all the numbers that some would probably want, but here are some interesting ones. We lost the first game of the series in Monterrey against the Sultanes. Then we won the second away. The next three games were played here and we won all three.

The interesting thing about this game is that we went into extra innings. It was the bottom of the 14th when Jesús “Jesse” Castillo hit a home run to the corner of right field. The final score was 2-1. This was by far the lowest scoring game of the series. All the other games had scores like 6-4 Leones de Yucatanor so. The teams were looking tired Friday night (or first game at home). Saturday they looked a bit more rested, but tonight they were definitely worn out.

The game lasted almost 6 hours. The 14 innings sets a record number of innings played in a playoff game. As I understand it, 16 is the record in regular season.

As I mentioned, I am not a baseball fan. But I decided to take my son to a game back at the start of the season. This resulted in going to 3 or 4 more throughout the summer. Tickets are in the $0.70 to $9.00 (USD) range. So if we have the evening off, the tickets are really cheap. We usually spend the big bucks and get the $4 or $5 tickets. With parking and food, we can usually get out for about $12. Of course, it only took us one time of eating the food at the ball game to decide it was not worth the money we spent on it. I am still in awe at the scientific possibility of being able to smash a hot dog so thin. It was like the bun was an outer skin to the weiner inside. Amazing.

We went to one game of the playoffs last week and had to pay a scalper for tickets. We paid a whopping $8 for $4 seats. Outrageous! If I understood the announcer on ESPN2 correctly tonight, those same tickets were selling for $80 this afternoon. Yikes! The crowd was at 16,000 plus for the final games. I am not sure how many the stadium holds, but it was packed.

Congratulations Leones!

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