I want my watch back!

I took my watch in to the repair shop on June 8 this year. It was for general cleaning prompted by the fact that I had them put a new battery in and it stopped working within a few days. They cleaned it and I got it back about a week later. A week after that it had some moisture in the crystal.

I took it back to them and they claimed that I had damaged the watch by dropping it or something. Some of the gears were bent. I may have dropped it. I cannot claim to be the most gentle person when it comes to watches. But, I have had this watch for 5 years or more and had never had any problems with it until they worked on it. I agreed to pay for any gears that needed to be replaced, but they would take care of the labor at no charge.

I went back a week later which is how long they said it would take. With the exception of the 2 weeks that I was out of town, I have been going back since the first of July each week to check on my watch. Each week I am assured that the part will come in and it will be ready the next week. It has not come in. I even went as far as to ask them to show me my watch just to make sure that it really did still exist. I got sufficient proof that my watch was still there. At least, all the individual parts that were shown to me looked like my watch.

Today I went back. The excuse now is that since everyone was on vacation in Mexico City, where the part is coming from, that delayed the shipping of the part. But “it will be here by the end of the week.” Do I believe them? It is getting very hard to.

Sadly, I really did drop and damage my other watch this last week. Do you think there is any chance I will be taking it to that repair shop?


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  1. I had a watch dilemma earlier this year. I ended up purchasing a brand new one. One of my runner friends even mailed me one of his spares to use while I was in “transition”. Talk about the Kindness of Runners.

    I never take my watch off… never. It’s a Orange (Go Vols!) Timex Sleek Ironman and is my 3rd one in about 5 years. Like shoes, I am not gentle with watches.

  2. I have three watches that I use. The Citizen that is in the shop is my newer Citizen. It is my fancy “Sunday go to meeting” watch. I have had it for about 5 years. Can’t remember exactly when I got it. Come to think of it, it may be closer to 7 years.

    My “daily driver” is my older Citizen. It is about 10 years old which I picked up at a pawn shop. That is what made me fall in love with the Citizen brand. I had been on a year long quest to find a watch that kept accurate time. Meaning that within a month it did not lose or gain more than just a couple of seconds. Five seconds was too much over a month period. This older Citizen worked like a charm. When I wanted to buy a fancier watch, I again looked at Citizen. I got the exact same model but with a black face instead of gold. Looks sharp.

    My third watch is my new Timex Ironman (T54281) that I got for Father’s Day. It has a 50 lap memory. It has been a great introduction into the sports watch category. I played with several of the Ironmans. It was amazing how different each one does the laps and such. If you have never noticed the difference, go to a watch store and play with them. They are basically the same in information, but I think they have made some differences just so that they can fit each person’s expectations on how to record the laps. Took me a while to find the style I liked in the price category I could afford. This is a great watch.

    Sad thing is, I did drop my “daily driver” last week. It took a hard 4′ fall onto concrete. It needs to go to the shop now. I guess that is why after 2 months of not having my backup watch it is starting to bother me more. Right now my Ironman has moved into the daily position. Now when people ask me what time it is, I get to respond with “38:42:96.”

    You can be assured that I will be looking at a different repair shop to take my other watch to.

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