Running with the family

Maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but we did go out to the track together this morning. My son ran my warm up mile with me. We ran it in 12:55. Then I ran a 1.75 mile speed run. My goal was a 9:00 min/mile pace. That meant I needed to run each 400 meter leg at 2:15. I did pretty good with staying on pace.

2:04 <-- too fast 2:16 <-- perfect 2:17 <-- perfect 2:19 <-- pretty good 2:22 <-- still OK 2:15 <-- perfect 2:12 <-- to round out a perfect run This worked out to exactly 15:45 seconds. I was pumped. Then I did an easy .25 miles to cool down a bit before rejoining the family on a walk. My wife walked with the 2 year old, therefore did not get any aerobic walking in. On the other hand, she did get a good 30 minutes of walking in that she otherwise would not have gotten today.

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