Got my watch…finally…kinda.

Some of you may remember that I lamented about my watch being in the shop for two and a half months. You probably also thought that I forgot to update this space on the outcome when I finally did get my watch. Well, I did not forget. I just got my watch back today, one week short of four months in the shop.

No excuse was given when I went to get my watch. None was needed. They said they could not get the part previously. I think it was a matter of them not trying very hard. How hard can it be to find a watch part? Even if you have to order the part from Japan and it has to come on a slow boat from China it should be here in less than 4 months. The last time I was in the shop to beg for my watch back, they said that if they could not get the part from México City that they would have it manufactured. I did not like the sound of that, but I would prefer that to not having my watch back.

So I finally got my watch back today. True to their word, they did not charge me for the repair even though initially I was to pay for the part. They had agreed part way through this drama that I would not pay.

Unfortunately, it is not working fully. I can’t change the day or date. Do I take it back to them? The problem was with the gear that adjusts the date. This tells me that whatever they did to fix the watch was a hack job.

I am currently in email contact with Citizen to see what kind of proof this “Authorized Repair Shop” needs to provide me.


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