Dog Perfume Update

Thankfully I did not have any dogs try to have breakfast on my calves or New Balances this morning. But, I am not sure why. The last week, every day I have had problems. Until today.

Here’s my theory. First off, this is not real scientific since I ran a bit of a different route today. Also, there was one street that I don’t normally run on, but when I looked down it, there were 4 dogs in the middle of the road, so I chose another street.

Ready for this? I washed my running clothes. I know, you are thinking that sane people do that on occasion. Especially because, since the last time my clothes were laundered, my average run has been in 79 degree weather with humidity averaging 96% (not joking, I live in the tropics and it is rainy season). So there is a lot of sweating going on. But, this is how I get away with it. My wife is gone on a trip. So no one has to smell me.

No, that isn’t how. I jump in the swimming pool when I get back from my runs. Rinse out the clothes. I am sure the chlorine in the pool helps. Then hang them out to dry and ready to go the next day (assuming I get them off the line before the rains come in the afternoon).

I washed clothes yesterday. Today no dog problems. Hmm. Could there be something to this?

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