The lights of the email account are on, but nobody is home

I have been wanting to get permission to operate my ham radio here in México. I have been here 2 years and have finally gotten things moving the right direction. I have all the paperwork in place that I think I need except the final form that I have to fill out with the FCC equivalent office, COFETEL. One of the extra requirements that I have been working on this week is that I need a local ham to “sponsor” me. They just have to write a letter and say that they are willing to make sure that I operate within the rules.

I wrote an amateur radio operator in an adjoining state to see if he could put me in contact with someone here. I wrote him because he had a nice, current looking, web page dedicated to radio. No reply after 6 days. I finally found the ARRL equivalent in México which is FMRE. They have a listing of members at their site. There were several in my state of Yucatán. I did a QRZ lookup on them and found several in my part of town. I have now written to the Yucatán division of FMRE, the Mérida chapter of FMRE and 3 individual FMRE members. Not a single reply.

If you have an email address posted on the web somewhere, would you do the world a favor and update it? I have no idea if these are out of date email addresses, or if my emails are getting caught by spam filters, or if no one wants to touch a foreigner with a ten foot pole, but they are not answering. I am not even asking for a sponser. I am just trying to get information as to where the COFETEL office is so that I can start the official paperwork. It is necessary to contact someone individually because COFETEL’s website is broken. The main page comes up fine, but if you try and burrow in to actually get any information, their websever is serving up junk.

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