Was I being hit up?

I went out to eat today. Good for me. Had a great salad and soup. Read about 1/2 of a Hardy Boys book. But, since my family is away on a trip, I was alone. This is the first time I have been to eat in this restaurant in 2 years without having my family with me. We don’t go there often, maybe once a month or so. When I walked in the hostess acted surprised that I was by myself. She wanted to know where my wife and 2 children were, why they went away and why I did not go with them. All somewhat fair questions, but should I feel obligated to answer? We have no marital problems, but what if we did? Was she digging for juicy information?

I think I have figured it out though. She thinks I’m a hunk and she is trying to off my wife. Well, I got news for her, she is not in the same league as my wife. My wife has me for the rest of her life (or mine, whichever expires first).

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