Beat the Heat Run

I wanted to get up early this morning to get out on the road before it got too warm. I normally run between 77 and 85 (25-29 C) degrees. That just happens to be what the temperature is between 7 and 9 in the morning when I do my runs. Has been that way ever since I started running in January. Today though, I was going to get up early and enjoy the coolness.

Yesterday morning at 6 it was a nice cool 73 F/23 C with 100% humidity. I can’t really change the humidity since it only goes down as the temperature rises during the day. So, I should be able to at least run when the temp is low. Today at 6 the temperature was 79/26 with 100%. Sigh.

I am not one of these “jump out of bed into the running clothes and out the door” kinda people. Though I am a morning person and do not at all mind waking up early, I like to ease into my day. I usually take 30 minutes to an hour each day from the time I roll out of the hammock until I am ready to hit the road. So I was up at 5 chomping at the bits to step outside when the sun was up enough to be safe at 6. The run was great. Mentally I made myself feel cooler because it was earlier, but in reality, I had already looked at the temp and knew it was just as hot as normal.

As they say in México…ni modo. I did just over 4 miles at a 10:52 pace. It would have been a few seconds faster had I not stopped to try and be friendly with a few dogs. Also, Leo and Dick had me laughing quite a bit with The Daily Giz Wiz podcast which slowed me down some.

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