I read in a running magazine this last week about running intervals. Though I had tried to understand them in the past, I could never get my head around how they worked. Matt over at Dump Runners Club helped me understand how to run them and I gave it a go yesterday at the track. I did not do as many as I would have liked. I only did 6 sets at 200 meters each. I averaged a 51.33 second per interval pace. That will now be my goal to shoot for over the next couple of weeks. I will try to run each interval at exactly that speed.

The reason I did not run as many as I would have liked is because I ran into a friend at the track. It is nice to have finally been in the community long enough to start recognizing people in public. She was walking with a friend, so I fell in with them and chatted for a few minutes. I just did not feel like getting back into the intervals after that. All in all, I ran over 3 miles.

Today, I determined that I must really have something going on with the dogs. They were a bit more active today than normal. But not aggressive like they were Saturday. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have not washed my running clothes since my wife went out of town last week.

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  1. Thanks Matt for the comment. Yes, I was planning to do 8 intervals. I will definitely shoot for that next week. I just have to keep from talking to everyone I see.

    I have run at this track before, but only when it was raining. I was shocked to see the hundreds of people there. This is a 900 meter track and is about 15′ wide. It was packed! But not so badly that you could not get around people. It felt great to pretend I was in a big race and passing everyone. Most were walkers of course.

    It is a nice dirt/fine gravel track. Very comfortable to run on and gives a cool “swoosh, swoosh” sound each time you push off at a good pace. I don’t hear it at normal pace, but at interval pace I do. Really gives some neat auditory feedback and motivation.

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