Dog Perfume

Is there such a thing? If so, I must have been wearing it yesterday. While running I attracted the dogs. We don’t have anything that would pass as leash laws here. It is just you and the wild.

I had a dog run out barking at me yesterday. Usually the ones who bark are behind fences. I think that this dog had gotten out, because I had never seen him before. He actually acted somewhat friendly, but I was not going to let him get close enough to me to share. His bark was enough to keep me running. He was a large white dog. Not sure what kind. Well, his actions set off the whole street. The rest of the dogs on the street became very aggressive in their barking and some even chased me a bit.

After I got away from that street in a whole different section of my run, I was attacked by three other dogs. They were far enough away to not be affected by the actions of the first set of dogs. These three were not large, but they came at me biting. None landed a tooth on me, but not because they did not try. One of them stopped biting at my legs and just concentrated on the New Balance 435s that were kicking him in the jaw. He almost got a piece of my toe!

I have had the street blocked by a pack of 14 dogs before and walked my way through them. They typically are not at all aggressive. But this group yesterday will make me be more cautious next time. Unfortunately, those two roads are right on a couple of my running routes.

4 thoughts on “Dog Perfume”

  1. I have carried pepper spray with me before, especially in new places as a safety measure. Here in Tennessee, we do have leash laws (not always followed) and some dogs are allowed to roam free. I was once chashed by a roup of small dogs during a 10 miler race when I missed a turn. Run Safe!

  2. I can’t stand it when there are dogs out without a leash or at least an owner near by watching them. you should let one get a good bite on you and then sue the stuffings* out of the owners.

    [*Edited by dpeach for PG rating]

  3. Leash? Owners?

    I live in México where I would guess 80% or more of the dogs running around are not owned by anyone. They may be fed regularly from the table scraps of the houses on their streets, but no one takes responsibility for them nor would be found to feed them enough to claim ownership. So, I won’t be letting any bite me in hopes of finding an owner to sue. 🙂

    Today I ran through a new neighborhood and as the dogs got good and stirred up from me running through, a man on a bicycle was coming from the other direction. He saw the commotion and pulled out a long stick from his bag to be ready for the potential chasing he might get. Fortunately, nothing happened.

    I don’t know what is going on. I have been running for almost 7 months here and the dogs have never been aggressive until this last week. Maybe there is something going on with the weather.

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