Return of the Dog Perfume

I even washed my clothes this week, but I must have had the infamous Dog Perfume going again. Yesterday I met up with a usual gang of dogs about .75 miles into my run. They always bark and follow, but rarely closely. They acted pretty much the way they normally do at that time.

Between miles 3 and 4 I came upon a small group of 4 dogs. They seemed mostly friendly until I got right up beside them. Then one of them came lunging at me. I turned and tried to speak kindly to him, it seemed to give him extra vigor. So I tried ignoring him until he was just about to strike. I then turned at him again and he backed off. He followed for a good way with the other 3 hanging back a bit, but still barking quite harshly. I finally got rid of him by running at him aggressively. Then I turned and ran away as hard as I could. He could not keep up. He was not a greyhound after all.

Then I looked up and saw, just a block away, a bigger pack of dogs. There were 7 in that group. I am not sure what the last group of dogs told them, but they got the message. As I approached, they split up. None barked and they all looked like chickens. Good for me.

I did not have any more encounters until I got to 8.5 miles. I met up with the original small group that I hit at .75 miles. They were much more aggressive the second time around. I ended up doing the same thing I did a few miles back. I ran towards the dogs (after I had already ran past) and made them back off a bit, but 2 hung on stronger and I had to charge them 3 times to get them to leave me alone.

Maybe there is something else going on than simply not washing my clothes.

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