One Hour Run

Today I set out to run 1 hour. Recently I have been running for a certain period of time, not necessarily for a set distance. After I got started today, I decided that I would like to run 1 hour 20 minutes instead. That ended up being 6.73 miles, which was run at a pace of 11:55 (min:secs) per mile.

I only almost got hit one time. I started across an intersection thinking that I was about to get the light in my favor. Instead the cars to my left started moving as I was just entering the intersection. Needless to say, I got a very quick spint intermixed with my run this morning. I really must learn the traffic patterns for these intersections that I run through.
As I ran near one of my friends house I saw that he was standing out front. Though I would not have bothered him otherwise on a Saturday morning, I stopped by to grab a glass of water since he was already out. Then I finished the final 15 minutes of my run.

I got a mention on the Burning20 podcast that I was listening to this morning. I told Adam in an email that I enjoyed the show but did not like the music. He used my words for the world to hear. Which were more like “I love the show, but HATE the music.” I thought it was funny that he actually said that on the air.

2 thoughts on “One Hour Run”

  1. Sitting in Gaza, it is great to read other runners thoughts and mussings on running . By the way great running times you are recording , nice to know out there that some of us take pride in running OUR pace

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Mal. I am new to all this running stuff and I have learned over my long 1/2 year career that running at my pace is the only thing that will keep me healthy.

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I have been enjoying your blog. And since you did not promote it, I will, .1of1%. One day I will fit in that small number.


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