I won a book!

I have been listening to Matt at Dump Runners Club for a few months. It is a running podcast. Matt has some great times and is inspiring to hear him tell about his running. I know he works hard to get his time down, but I am amazed that he can run as fast as he does. We are the same age, so I know that I can at least get down a little. On the other hand, Matt has been a runner for many years and I have never liked the sport until recently.

He offered to give away the book Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. This was to be given away as part of a drawing. One only needed to send an email to Matt. Since I missed out on winning Coast to Coast a couple of months ago, I thought about writing Matt every day just to bug him into letting me win. But I did not.

I was very thrilled to hear that I was the winner of the book when he announced it on the podcast today. He said that only 2 people wrote him. I don’t care if I was the only one, or that there were 5,000, it is a book I was interested in reading and am glad to have a copy coming my way.

Thanks Matt!

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  1. Great job!

    AAAHHH… I love contests! But it serves me right! I have a backlog of DRC podcasts to listen to and I bet the contest is on that one.

    Do you listen to EndurancePlanet.com they have great interviews and are only 14-18 min long.

    Happy Running,

  2. Just a couple of weeks ago I had 130 unlistened to podcasts. I have been trying to catch up and am down to just 26 to go. But, the running ones are the ones I have stayed current with. Never more than a week behind. So I was able to get in on this.

    I will get behind again here in a couple of weeks. I will be away from my computer for 2 weeks and will not be able to update my iPod. So I have to get caught up now for all the millions of new shows I will have after that.

    I have not heard of enduranceplanet.com, but I will head right over to check it out. Thanks for the head’s up.


  3. I’m happy to award the book to you. Anyone who is taking the time to listen to me ramble on deserves it. I’ll probably do another give away in a bit.

    Continued success on the running. Believe me that running is the great equalizer. I’ve always felt that no matter what it says on the clock, all runners are going through the same thing. A hard day is a kick in the nuts, and easy run feels great. That is why I’ve never felt better than anyone because I happen to finish a race quicker (although I know plenty of runners who do). I just hope my show comes across that way.

    The good thing for you, unlike me, is all your best running days are ahead!

    p.s I am sending the book tomorrow.

  4. Thanks Matt, I am very much looking forward to getting the book. It will get to me here in México in time for a 2 week road trip. So I should have time to do some reading on it. I will give a review to everyone when I get it read.

  5. Well, I’m glad that you won a book even if you missed out on Coast to Coast. It’s available in paperback on Amazon now; I hope you can get a copy.

    Ultramarathon man is a fun read. I reviewed it at Run to Win a while back. The man is quite crazy, and its fun to read the ramblings of crazy men.

  6. My copy of Coast to Coast was delivered to my US address this last week. Now I just have to wait till my wife comes home to bring it to me. I now have three running books coming my way, these two and Hal Higdon’s Marathon Trainers Guide. So it may take a week or two before I get a review up here.

  7. My wife made it back home with a suitcase full of books! But she had to make a decision as to which came now and which ones come back in 2 weeks with my son. She bought a lot of books! Ultramarathon Man made the cut, Coast to Coast did not. So I will read Ultramarathon Man over the next 2 weeks eagerly awaiting the arrival of Coast to Coast.

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