One Mile Run

Today my son and I went out for a 1 mile run. He is 8. We have been running off and on for a few months. Mostly off for him the last 6 weeks or so. I just have not been motivated to take him out here in the new neighborhood. To anywhere we have to run on some pretty busy roads.

But, I mapped out a 1 mile run last night and we had a go at it this morning. He did it in 12:11. He thought the 1 mile was nice and short since he has been running as much as 30 minutes at a time. I am afraid to let him run just 1 mile though. He might like it so much that he will not want to do longer runs. He likes to talk when he runs. If he has something to say for 30 minutes, he can run 30 minutes. But if he runs out of words after 10 minutes, he is done.

I ran the 1 mile again by myself afterwards. 8:02 was the time. I was very pleased with that. Some day my regular running pace will be that low.

5 thoughts on “One Mile Run”

  1. Non-stop talking, which it normally is, according to Wikipedia is about 200 words per minute. Which means he gets in about 2400 words per mile. I can’t wait until he gets his mile time to down to about 6 minutes.

  2. Well, I think since he is going to be visiting you and you know the neighborhood, you should be the one to get out and run with him. 🙂

    I wonder if the Y will allow him to come in with you and run on the treadmills.

  3. For a price. and I have to be right there with him.But acutally I think he has to be 12, to be a member of the Y. I can check on it.

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