Maratón de la Marina

African Running TrioThey’re off! The race started at 6:00 this morning. I probably won’t know the results until later today or tomorrow when it comes out in the newspaper. I am not able to go to the finish line and see it end.

It was easy to see who the winners will be. There were three African men that stood out. They seemed to know each other and may be from the same country. They warmed up together and did not seem to understand the instructions in Spanish.

I caught up with them (in the car) at kilometer marking 12 and they were already 1 kilometer ahead of everyone else. They had just gone through a water station. One grabbed sponges for all of them and the other two grabbed water. I am not sure how water is done in races outside of our area here in México, but we have water in bags. You are able to load up on several bags if you want. You don’t have to fight with cups. They all shared the water and sponges around. They looked like they were having a good time.

They were running 5:30 miles (3:25/Km) at the 12 Km. mark. I imagine the pace will pick up at the end. There was no one even close to them. It will be a race between the three in the final kilometers.

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