Running and training plans

I have been running pretty consistently. Not four or five days a week, but I have been able to get back into running three days a week. I was sick this weekend so did not feel like running at all. I should be able to get back into it tomorrow. Planning an easy 40 minute run.

My three days a week have been about like this. One day of 30 minutes, one day of 40 and one day of an hour. I have freed up one day a week that I should be able to run on. This will only last for a month so I am going to run as much as I can on that day. It will probably be my long run day as I don’t normally have anything planned on that morning except for the one appointment that kept me from running in the first place.

About mid way through July I will start training for my next half marathon. I am very excited about my training program. The last time the goal was to just finish, so I did not do any speed work. Though I ran a ton, I really had no base when I started. Now I have a good base and I know what it is like to run 2 and 1/2 hours at a time. I will not be experiencing anything new in this training, I will be just be building on experience. I think that alone will help me get my time down. Couple that with the speed work I will be doing and I may end up with around a 2 hour finish.

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