Kenya wins again!

Maratón de la Marina FinishThe marathon was won in 2:23:51 by the Kenyan Mark Chepses Kiprosgei. That is a pace of 5:29 per mile. That is faster than most runners can run 1 mile, and he ran 26 of them back to back.

There were 222 registered runners. That was a surprise to me. I did not think there were that many at the starting line this morning.

This was the 19th running of this event.

All of the races I have been in here have a special category for military vets. As this is an event honoring the Mexican Navy, they supposedly made a big deal out of the presentation of the prize to the first place vet.

First place was approximately $1,800 USD. They also had an extra award for the first Yucatecan runner. He received $900 USD bonus plus whatever his age category awarded. You had to show your birth certificate to win that extra bit of money.

Edited to say: The man in the picture was not the winner. Yikes! The site I got the picture from said he was the winner, but the newspaper says the man with race number 001 was the winner.

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